Local heroes

Who is the person that sums up Jesmond for you? Who are the people that encapsulate what Jesmond is, or should be all about? Who are Jesmond’s “local heroes” – without whom it would be a much less interesting, vibrant and enjoyable place to live and work?

We asked for your views, listened to them, then despatched a team of JesmondLocal student writers, photographers and film-makers to meet and interview your nominees so that we can celebrate their contributions in a multimedia gallery of Jesmond’s “local heroes”.

Here is our latest collection of stories, from a “hack day” in May 2013:

And click below to see some of our earlier attempts, from previous years.

Local hero: Dorothy McMahon. Produced by Lindsay Mackenzie

Local Hero: Fiona Clarke. Produced by Georgie Cossins.

Local Hero: Mark Reeve. Produced by Jon Offredo and Dan Howarth.


Local Hero: Bev Fox. Produced by Sophie Bauckham and Matt Turner.



One thought on “Local heroes”

  1. Emmanuelle says:

    Unfortunately, Bells Yard is not used by children, but rather by older teenagers and students / adults who cause problems for the Connaught Mews residents. What a great achievement for Fiona Clarke, a “Jesmond Hero”, that she has managed to make people actually leave Jesmond as a direct consequence of the Yard reopening!!!

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