Country Whey deli to throw Jamie Oliver party

Country Whey Deli on Clayton Road

Artisan deli Country Whey will throw its first Jamie Oliver party on Wednesday 9th November, aimed at promoting simple and tasty food.

Owner Linda Campbell will be serving up a range of canapés made with the celebrity chef’s products, inviting guests to mingle while sampling different nibbles.

Campbell revamped the Clayton Road deli after she took over in January of this year, redecorating the interior and introducing a new deli counter and espresso machine. Commenting on the transformation, she told JesmondLocal: “The stuff on the shelves is all about good tasty food… as healthy as possible.”

One of the canapés on offer at the party will be goat cheese with Jamie Oliver’s red pickle onion on top. Describing the event as a cocktail party without the cocktails, Campbell also said: “I want to get people to see how tasty the Jamie Oliver products are”.

Since Country Whey deli is the only store in the North East that stocks Jamie Oliver products, Campbell said the deli’s party will also provide guests with Christmas gift ideas, such as food hampers.

In the future, Campbell may also consider showing customers how to prepare their own canapés. The upcoming party will help to demonstrate how small nibbles can be simple, yet tasty.

The Jamie Oliver party will start at 7:00 pm and is open to the general public, with no invitation necessary. However, the size of the deli will limit how many people can attend. Anyone interested in going needs to inform Campbell through email in order for her to keep track of the number of guests. Since this is Country Whey’s first Jamie Oliver party, Campbell said that depending on the response, she would consider hosting a second party.

To contact Linda Campbell, email her at

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  1. Linda says:

    The Jamie Oliver party was a great event. The food was simply scrumptious!

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